Analytics and Business Intelligence

solve for (x) helps clients make evolutionary leaps from access & reporting to analytics in order to increase value and fund more strategic initiatives.

We will conduct a deep dive of your analytic capabilities in the areas of workflow, discovery, platform, information governance, delivery, decision management, application integration and culture, to name a few.

In the end, we’ll show you where you’re leading, optimizing, transforming, enhancing or just reacting to your analytic needs

Market Research

solve for (x) offers comprehensive and detailed industry landscape and benchmarking services. Our analysts monitor key industries and critical markets to create available, obtainable and achievable market studies (TAM, SAM and SOM). Our reports include market statistics and forecasts, along with key industry dynamics and competitive landscape, including detailed profiles of top companies.

And, if clients need something more specific than a syndicated research report, solve for (x) can design customized research studies, tailored to fit your needs.

Operating Expense Audits

solve for (x) increases operating income by auditing your P&L and finding areas to reduce overhead. It’s not just about reducing human capital but finding ways to enhance overall value. We conduct deep dives into your operating expenses, at the G/L level and deliver a comprehensive cost reduction analysis. To maximize cost savings, we analyze all line items, including, but not limited to:

At the conclusion of our audit, we present an expense reduction recommendation and forecast, and an implementation plan.


Growth Strategies

solve for (x) will review your product solution, sales volume, pricing, purchase frequency, acquisition and retention strategies in order to find opportunities with existing or new products and existing or new customers. If it’s new markets, we can help introduce new channel partners, leverage vertical/horizontal integration strategies and boost your digital presence.

And should you be looking for acquisitions, we can help with commercial due diligence and project manage M&A implementations.

Strengthening Your Online Presence

There is no “digital strategy” anymore, just strategy in a digital world. And at solve for (x), we don’t differentiate between the two. solve for (x) acts as your marketing team, or works alongside them to improve, and build beyond the website, PPC, SEO/SEM, Social and Email campaigns. We improve the dialog between you and your clients and the buzz around your brand by connecting the links between these major categories. This drives growth in customer service, shareable content, conversion rate and the overall relationship you have with your client base.

Strategy and Planning

solve for (x) engages start-ups in planning activities and reviews that increase alignment and provide a regular and repeatable cadence. We will ensure that demand and supply planning, finance, sales and marketing are all aligned on financial and operations plans. We’ll create a formal structure for executive review and commitment. We’ll build ownership and accountability in all areas of the organization. Sales, inventory, and production plans will be reviewed to ensure focus on business performance. The outcome will be enhanced revenue, reduced operating expense and improved value


Right Shaping the Organization

Like people, our clients come in all shapes and sizes. As we grow, scale, acquire and mature, it’s easy to lose sight of what still works and what doesn’t. solve for (x) looks at

  • Organizational layers and span of control to improve decision making
  • Functions, processes and activities to eliminate redundancies
  • Applying lean techniques to repeatable or low-value activities
  • Back office and shared services
  • Role clarity
  • Productivity standards

Building Capabilities

solve for (x) helps clients measure what can be measured and makes measurable the things that cannot.

We’ll help you define the KPIs that make sense to your business and work with you to determine which capabilities to focus on, quantitatively assess the potential gain from improving them and qualitatively assess the value of greater organizational effectiveness. We’ll shore up strengths and weaknesses in the organization, improve speed and put the right people in the right places to improve speed and focus on critical tasks.

Process Improvement

solve for (x) analysts and project leads are trained in business process transformation, technology implementation and automation and outsourcing. We offer process mapping services, defining what the entity and responsible parties do, what the operating standards are and should be, and how the process should be determined. We use the industry standard lean process methodologies, however, we simplify the process of process improvements by mapping processes that actually warrant it, maintaining clear and targeted focus, ensuring all key stakeholders are present and that we work towards improvement and not perfection. And any technology and automation recommendations come from the result of our process improvement, not the beginning. We do not come out of the gate armed with solutions to problems that aren’t fully vetted and understood.


Employee Engagement

solve for (x) knows that motivation is more than just monetary benefits. Employees also need to feel a sense of purpose, pride in where they work and what they’re doing, and a sense of camaraderie with their peers. At solve for (x), we will use our proprietary engagement surveys to figure out what employees want most from your company and its leaders. Our engagement, communication, training and reward strategies will improve the environment and drive sales and profits. We’ve helped companies improve

  • Engagement – connecting leaders to employees and employees with one another
  • Communication – improving clarity, frequency and tone to improve the internal dialog
  • Learning – we change the conversation from training to improve execution and retention
  • Rewards – we review and recommend compensation schemes and non-cash bonus structures, proven to increase engagement

Client Engagement

Too often, our clients focus on the buying experience, but solve for (x) helps clients evolve the discussion to a focus on the user experience.

We help clients engage their clients in a dialog about their experiences with our clients’ products, brands and services. Often this is met with no small amount of fear…What if the reviews are negative? The reality is your clients are talking about you regardless, so to any extent you can be a part of and learn from the conversation, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from your competition.

We can help with surveying client wants/needs, generating phone calls, creating social media engagements, hosting workshops and luncheons, or other means of entertainment, that is associated with your brand—as long as the focus is on value creation.

Training & Leadership Development

At solve for (x), we subscribe to a simple model that

  • Our emotional competencies provide the foundation for our leadership style
  • Our leadership style drives the organizational climate
  • The climate drives performance
  • If this is the case, then sometimes organization don’t need a sophisticated leadership operating system, but rather leaders who are a little more equipped to know themselves and connect with others. That’s where solve for (x) excels. We survey and identify development opportunities that enable people to connect more meaningfully with other people. We measure and train people on 18 different competencies in categories such as exercising good judgment, planning and execution, business acumen, self-management, communication, relationships, motivation and courage.