At solve for (x), we’re real people helping real people solve business problems.

solve for (x) was founded in 2008. And in that time, we’ve looked and listened to clients who have told us what’s wrong with consulting engagements. Hundreds of consulting firms sell off-the-shelf solutions, but this marginalizes what makes you unique. Your business problems shouldn’t be solved using a template. At solve for (x), we’re driven by the challenge of problem-solving, and we have extensive experience helping small to mid-market companies accelerate growth, enhance margins, improve processes and engage clients and employees.

With solve for (x), you’ll get:

  • A personalized, targeted team engagement. We are not “top heavy”. You’ll get a small, flexible team totally dedicated to your individual problem.
  • Smaller projects. Leveraging the benefits of agile project management, we break large projects down into small ones and get in, get it done, get out.
  • Keep the focus on problem-solving. Most consultants immediately jump into client-management mode. We don’t leave problem solving mode, until the problem is solved. You won’t be pitched on an upsell/cross sell strategy.
  • Strategic partnerships. Our professional network across industries means we’ll always be able to bring the right expertise to your problem.

Our Values

(x) Passion – We love what we do and pursue every opportunity enthusiastically

(x) Self-Improvement – We have a voracious appetite for learning & development

(x) Common Sense – We see things as they are but do things as they ought to be done

(x) Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions meet our commitments

(x) Balance – We adapt and flex to maintain a healthy work & life balance

solve for (x) was founded in 2008 by Stuart Bernstein, a relentless problem solver with 20 years of experience assisting companies across a range of sizes and life cycles.

Bernstein honed his skills in market intelligence and business analysis positions in fortune 500 companies within the consumer goods and retail sectors. Over the last ten years, he has successfully started up and scaled professional services companies, domestically and abroad.

Having served on both the client and sale sides, Bernstein has a unique perspective and an advanced understanding of the marketing and branding process from concept to commercialization.

This background gives him the ability to work closely with companies to understand their precise strategy, research and training needs, allowing him to provide sage advice and guidance in any business situation.